Capture One Complete Styles. Pro Only

These "STYLES" from Capture One Complete offer you over 50 creative effects for you to apply to your images. These include a choice of classic and creative colour, B&W, Duotone plus a whole range of complimentary looks: Bleach Bypass, Lomo, Cross Processed to name a few. These can be used alongside the supplied standard styles from Phase One.

We hope these will give you an insight into the creative abilities of Capture One Pro and offer a small idea of what can be achieved with a Capture One Pro workflow.

Please note all our Styles are also fully compatible with Capture One DB (the free version of Capture One that works with Phase One digital backs).

B&W Strong Sky
Bleach Bypass
Desat High Contrast
Desat High Contrast Cool
Desat High Contrast Warm
E6-C41 Cross Process
High Contrast
High Key
Ice Cool
Lomo Style
Mono Blue Tone
Mono Green Tone
Mono Purple Tone
Mono Red Tone
Mono Yellow Tone
Orange Burn
Polarized Sky
Selenium Tone

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Capture One Complete Colour Styles 2

This is Capture One Complete’s second set of colour effect styles. These include:

B&W Copper
B&W Yellow Filter Beefy
Bleach Bypass 2
Bleach Bypass 3 Cyan Tint
Bleach Bypass Max Contrast
Cross Process
Cross Process Cool
Cross Process Warm
For The Love Of The Green
Retro 2
Retro Desat Keeping Red
Retro Desat Holding Yellow
Summer Fruits
Summertime Jazz
Summertime Blues
Summertime Washout

As with all of Capture One Completes styles these are a great starting point and can be “tweaked” to your own particular look.

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Process Recipes. Pro Only

These Output Recipes from Capture One Complete form a complete set of 'A' series international standard paper sizes and the most common photographic output sizes, plus a few extra commonly used output sizes, in Adobe RGB 1998 & sRGB color spaces in a JPEG format at 300 DPI.
Once loaded into Capture One you can simply edit these to your preferred output format (for example, you would prefer to create a TIFF file rather than a JPEG, or you want to change the units to inches, etc, etc).
However once these are loaded in Capture One you can very quickly edit these to your preferred preferences, i.e. JPEG, TIFF, DNG, ICC profile and if you prefer to work in inches, centimeters or millimeters.

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