Capture One Pro 11 - the Professional Choice in Imaging Software

Capture Your Vision (Capture and Import)

Capture One Pro 11 converts RAW images and offers professionals stunning out-of-the-box image quality for most leading digital cameras: Phase One, Mamiya-Leaf, Canon, Nikon, Leica, Sony, Olympus, Samsung to mention but a few. Shoot directly into the application to view and examine your images instantly in close-up detail to help make any adjustment choices easy.

Use Capture One Pro 11 as a key component in your imaging workflow. Capture One Pro 11 offers the world’s most advanced tethered capture solution to shoot directly into the application and let your clients follow the shoot remotely with Capture Pilot. You can also speed up your workflow with Live View for all supported medium format and DSLR cameras and apply styles directly during import.


Comprehensive Digital Asset Management (Organize and Select)

Capture One Pro 11 offers support for selecting and organizing your images using catalogs, which gives you comprehensive digital asset management and powerful virtual organization. Should you prefer to work instead with sessions, as in previous versions of Capture One Pro, we support your photography workflow with even stronger sessions organization tools than before.  

Easy-to-use tools help you to organize, compare and select your images. Stick with the workflow that works for you and Capture One Pro 11 will fill in the gaps. Rename an entire folder of files with token based renaming and find image files in seconds with integrated search tools. Use every inch of your display to select and compare images side by side. Once selections are complete, use rating, color labels and smart albums to organize your best shots. Use the Loupe, the Focus Mask and the Focus Tool to examine detail, or zoom and pan multiple images at once.


The Freedom to Create (Enhance and Adjust)

With Capture One Pro 11 we have introduced a quantum leap in imaging quality – providing professionals with amazing tools to enhance and adjust images. This version offers even more stunning ready-to-use images without delay. Capture One Pro 11 can be used straight out-of-the-box to deliver high-quality images with the delivery of true to life colors and incredible details.

Capture One Pro 11 boasts a comprehensive range of new image editing tools that enable you to adjust large numbers of images very efficiently and effectively. With its easy-to-use precision adjustment tools, it will assist you in achieving the perfect look for every image. You will be able to make precise overall adjustments to exposure and color or use local adjustments for targeted areas of your photo. And the versatility goes on - perform lens correction, convert to black-and-white, reduce noise, adjust sharpness, add creative vignettes, and much more, allowing you the freedom to create.


Showcase Your Creativity (Export and Print)

Display your unique images in their best light. Create a slideshow in seconds or produce a professional looking web gallery for clients and colleagues. Capture One Pro 11 can also help you output images with its smart and elegant print layouts.

You can also display images on an iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone using the Capture Pilot app. Capture One Pro 11 also has a new web function that lets you present captured images from a web browser on a computer, Android (mobile device) or Windows Phone operating system. All you need to do is showcase your creativity and feel confident as we take care of the rest.


An Image Quality Revolution (Image Quality)

Based on an entirely new and groundbreaking image-processing engine: The Bayer Interpolation Method, the world’s most advanced image processing engine will allow you to achieve vastly superior image quality with excellent color and fine detail from a camera’s RAW files. Among others, this breakthrough results in improved noise reduction, improved HDR and improved clarity. It can also give you the power and control to fine-tune images the way you desire.


A Quantum Leap in Productivity (Performance and Workspace)

Capture One Pro 11 never restricts or confines you to a set workflow. It offers across the board performance improvements including OpenCL processing. You can get all the essential tools and performance in one solution to capture, organize, adjust, share and print your images in a fast, flexible and intuitive workflow. Think of it as your digital assistant, allowing you to focus on shooting. With its image quality, reliability and speed, Capture One Pro 11 provides you with an array of powerful tools that give you more flexibility to reach your own unique goals.


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