Customizable User Interface

Every photographer works in a different way.  We may use different tools, depending on our photography and work with images in different visual ways. Capture One Pro has a complete customizable interface that allows the addition and placement of tools in your personal workspace.  Switch between workspaces for specific tasks that make the job easier. It supports you with infinite possibilities to organize, compare and select your images in a workflow that can be customized to suit your unique needs. 

Workspaces, Tools and Tool Tabs

Customize your Workspace, Tools and Tool Tabs to make your personal workflow more efficient. Included in Capture One Pro is a selection of best practice default workspaces. 

Simplified workspace

With simplified workspaces optimized for efficient workflow with less clutter.

Keep your old Capture One Pro 6 look

Capture One has always had a fully customizable workspace that can evolve with users needs. But photographers that want to stick to something familiar have nothing to fear. Capture One Pro stores and can utilize default workspaces from previous versions of Capture One Pro 8,9 & 10. 

Adjust preview size

Catalogs in Capture One offer the possibility to view and even edit your  images ‘Offline’.  Offline meaning that the high resolution files that the Catalog is linking too are not available.  Choose larger preview sizes for better offline image viewing.


Support for multiple monitors enables you to configure your workspace to manage image workflow and presentation more efficiently.


Take advantage of your display to get a big, unobstructed full-screen view of your work. Make adjustments and compare them side-by-side. 

Optimized for new Mac retina displays

Capture One Pro is optimized for the latest technological development and supports the high resolution retina displays found on new Macbooks 

Browser Filmstrip

Capture One allows you to work with images in filmstrip view. You can use filmstrip view in combination with the viewer to quickly scroll from image to image, making changes and comparing images. 

Incredible Interactive Speed

Tap into the vast gigaflops of computing power in your graphics processor and use it to accelerate editing tasks. The new OpenCL support will let you utilize the power of you graphic card in you computer. Through the new export tool, there is instant access to an export dialog to make exporting images in a single format more convenient than using process recipes – ultimately offering a quantum leap in your productivity.

It is based on an entirely new and groundbreaking image processing engine: The Bayer Interpolation Method, improved noise reduction, improved HDR, improved clarity and more. It brings a quantum leap in quality & performance and takes photography to an entirely new level to allow professional photographers around the globe to excel.

Regardless of the type of photography you are working with, Capture One Pro enables the creation of stunning out of the box image quality for most leading high-end cameras.

With a fast and intuitive workflow it can be customized to fit the unique needs of professional photographers use to achieve world-class image quality.

Using OpenCL, processing speed is now significantly improved. Tests show it is up to 3x faster on a 1 year old 15" Macbook Pro. Images are simply process incredibly fast – allowing professional photographers to deliver work faster to clients as Capture One Pro workflow is smoother and quicker than ever before.  

Intelligent Corrections & Superior Adjustments

A host of new workflow enhancers will help you work more efficiently: automated lens correction, improved LCC and local adjustments. Capture One Pro also offers superior adjustment tools for noise reduction HDR, and clarity – impacting your workflow and performance substantially.

New Processing Engine 2017

There is a new processing engine that produces more detail, lower noise and better color rendition by default. i.e. better out of the box results. You now get bespoke profiles for individual cameras by Phase One experts.

You can upgrade you older generation Capture One images to the new 2017 processing engine. It is not possible to downgrade images from the new processing engine to the older 2007 processing engine. 

You will achieve better quality images by default without the need to 'work' the software and individual images – it’s a real time saver! 

Accelerated Editing & Processing

Get your work done fast with high performance RAW, JPEG and TIFF image file editing and processing through cross-platform 64-bit support, which takes full advantage of the advanced memory handling capabilities of the latest Mac and Windows operating systems - faster performance, which does not compromise image quality.


Save as default

Allows the user to create custom ICC settings that are used as default for their cameras.

Once you have decided on your preferred 'look' or calibration of your camera, having a default setting per camera means not having to choose it, or more importantly remember to choose it when using different cameras.  This gives great convenience and is another time-saver.


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