Steve Gosling Using Capture One allows me to fully concentrate on the picture taking process when out in the landscape.
Steve Gosling

I've been working with digital files for 12 years and shooting digitally (with Canon DSLRs and Hasselblad V system & Phase One P20+) for around 4 years. I've grown to love the flexibility of digital images in RAW format and the quality that can be obtained when these are processed with high quality software.

Gosling Gosling

Prior to obtaining Capture One Pro I had used a variety of RAW file processors but was always disappointed with the lack of control. As a result my workflow kept RAW processing to a minimum,leaving the majority of work to be done in Adobe Photoshop. However Capture One changed all of that and V5 now allows me to undertake most of my processing on the RAW file.

I can now amend tonal range, increase contrast, alter saturation, do an initial sharpening (with infinite control) and even level horizons before importing the file into Photoshop for what has become a minimal final 'tweaking' to complete the image. The HDR function (allowing the recovery of highlights) has been a godsend with landscape images taken in high contrast situations and the built in style presets are a great starting point for producing more creative interpretations of files. I also value the star rating system which allows me to prioritise my images immediately on returning from a trip and then quickly find my 'best' images for processing at a later date.

Gosling Gosling Gosling

Most importantly, using Capture One allows me to fully concentrate on the picture taking process when out in the landscape, with the confidence that the software will allow me to exercise the precise control I need at the RAW processing stage.

Steve Gosling

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