Capture One 8 video tutorials

Working with Capture One Pro 8 | Kamil Tamiola

Getting Started with Capture One Pro 8

Guide to Tethered Capture

Managing a Capture One Catalog

Managing a Capture One Session


Capture One 7 video tutorials

Be introduced to the many amazing features of Capture One Pro 7 and learn how to get started.


Image Processing, Get an overview of the many benifits and improvements created by the new image processing engine.

Catalogs ,Learn more about working with catalogs, the primary method of photo organization and viewing in Capture One Pro 7.

Sessions, Sessions enable you to store all files as a complete project including RAW files, setting files and output files etc.

Instant Tethered Capture, Instantly import and view images as you shoot them with the world’s most advanced tethered capture solution.

Noise Reduction, Shoot with higher ISO more confidently and Capture One Pro 7 will produce a crisp and noise-free image.

High Dynamic Range, Use the improved HDR tool to bring out details and contrast in the shadows and highlights.

Clarity, Bring out the details in texture and fabrics, reduce haze and improve flat images.

Local Adjustments,Capture One Pro 7 comes with improved and even more powerful options for doing Local Adjustments.

Lens Corrections, Fix classic optical issues like distortion, light falloff and chromatic abberation quickly and easily.


Capture One 6 video tutorials

Importer. Import images and videos and apply styles to images during import

Integrated Movie Import. Import, browse and play video, including HD video, from DSLR cameras

Sessions. Store raw files, settings files, library files and output files as a complete project

Capture Pilot. Use your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch to wirelessly view, zoom and pan images

Tethered Capture. Instantly import and view images as you shoot

Live View. Compose shots from your monitor with Live View

Advanced file naming. Create customized, token-based naming systems and save to ensure image naming consistency

Focus Mask. Fast verification of image sharpness in thumbnail browser

Full-screen. Get a large, unobstructed full-screen view of your work

Library. Easy access to images within Albums, Smart Albums, Favorites and any folder on a computer or networked resource

Loupe Tool. Zoom into an image from 25% - 200% with the Loupe Tool

Metadata. Read and update medadata, includes XMP sync, Auto Load and GPS link to Google Maps

Rating and Color Tagging. Rate and color tag images to assist your selection and editing process

Search and Filter. Find, sort and organize images the easy way

Smart Albums. Use default or create your own Smart Albums to organize images from different folders without moving the actual file

Variants. Create virtual copies of your original image to experiment with different settings

Browser Filmstrip. Work with your images in filmstrip view

Black and white conversion. Adjust color channels and create split toning effects when converting to grayscale

Clarity. Improve hazy images and smooth out local contrast in portrait images

Color editor. Achieve perfect colors through selective color adjustments

High Dynamic Range. Recover shadow and highlight details

Keystone correction. Reduce or eliminate perspective distortion

Lens correction. Adjust chromatic aberration, purple fringing, geometric distortion, sharpness and light falloff

Levels and Curves. Adjust luminance, RGB or individual color channels

Local adjustments. Edit selective parts of an image

Noise reduction. Remove luminance and color noise from images with easy-to-use sliders

Overlay. Advanced composition assistance

Sharpening. Use default sharpening settings or make your own sharpening adjustments

Skin tone enhancer. Achieve perfect, smooth and soft appearing skin tones

Spot removal. Erase unwanted spots and dust spots from a group of images with a single click

Styles and Presets. Apply styles and presets to your image - use pre-designed or create your own

Vignetting. Lighten or darken the edges of an image to achieve creative effects

White balance. Easy correction of white balance

CMYK Conversion. Output to any RBG and CMYK color space

EIP Enhanced Image Package. Pack your master file together with its adjustments in a .EIP file format for trouble-free sharing

Image output. Output to multiple formats and resolution, batch process and use recipes to automate and produce consistent results

Print options. Customize print layouts, include watermarks and add metadata

Slide show. Integrate both still images and video files

Web contact sheet. Choose from a selection of flexible templates to create a web gallery

Accelerated Editing and Processing. Cross-platform 64-bit support. Faster performance without compromising image quality

Interactive Speed. OpenCL support accelerates your editing tasks

Multi monitor. Support for multiple monitors

Customization. Customize your workspaces, tools and tool tabs to match personal preference

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