Mark Sisson the quality and clarity that I am able to see and therefore extract from my RAW's using it is simply second to none
Mark Sisson

I've used Capture One as my Raw processing software for the last 5 years or so now and to say that it's become an essential element in my workflow would be something of an understatement: I even have it loaded up on my netbook which acts as my storage device when I'm away on a trip so I can do an initial edit and pruning at night!

Sisson Sisson

In my opinion the quality and clarity that I am able to see and therefore extract from my RAW's (I shoot using my trusty Canon 1DS Mk2) using it is simply second to none, and I have tried out other approaches as they've arrived on the market but always return very quickly to capture one.

Sisson Sisson Sisson

Wildlife photography is very different in terms of the amount of material generated in search of the ultimate nuances that make for winning or commercially successful shots, and also in that light conditions are constantly changing. As a result my workflow is relatively tight (to save time) but also flexible to allow individual interpretation of each image I choose to process, and I've learned intuitively now the areas of adjustment that will work best given the situation I've captured and the final look I want to achieve. With version 4 I've found myself undertaking monochrome conversions from Raw and with the opportunity to remove the inevitable dust spots my work can't avoid at times and undertake the keywording I need for stock and searching that version 5 promises I can see the need for the mainstay that is Photoshop fast disappearing from my view.

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