NEW! Downloadable easy to view icons (for Mac only).

At Capture One Complete we love the layout, simplicity and functionality of Capture One Pro, not to mention the unbeatable image quality possible from virtually every RAW file format! However, along with some of our customers, we feel that some icons could be a little easier to see.

For example, after a file has been processed, instead of a small grey cog appearing on the thumbnail to indicate that, why not have a nice, large, easy to see, green tick instead? And when you rate a file, the stars used to indicate the rating are so much easier to see if they are bright orange!


New clear icons


For good measure we have also made the Trash, Exposure Warning,Work on Selected Images and Composition Mode icons a nice bright red so they are virtually impossible to miss!

You can download these new icons here.

Just a word of warning before we give you the installation instructions! Although Capture One Pro will run perfectly just as prior to installing these icons, this update is not officially supported by Phase One. You install and run this version entirely at your own risk! (However, we have run it successfully on many different Macs and do not anticipate any problems).

To install these new icons you need to access the contents of the Capture One application itself. To do so, right click or ctrl-click on the Capture One application in your Applications folder and select ‘Show Package Contents’. Then open the Contents folder.

Before you do anything further, we strongly recommend you make a backup copy of the Resources folder. If you experience any difficulties you can simply copy the original Resources folder back into the Contents, re-launch Capture One Pro and it will be as if you had never changed anything.

Next, simply move the contents of the ‘Capture One Complete icons’ folder into the Resources folder. Please note you must move the individual files into the Resources folder, not the entire ‘Capture One Complete icons’ folder. When prompted, select to replace all the existing files with the new ones.

Now re-launch Capture One Pro and enjoy the new, easy to view icons.

Apart from the icons you see, you should not see any other difference in performance in the software. Should you experience any problems we recommend you replace the amended Resources folder with your original backup copy and everything should revert to how it was before.

You can also revert back to the original Phase One icons by moving the contents of this folder to the Resources folder within the Capture One application package. This contains the original icons that came with the software. Again, you must move the contents of the folder, not the folder itself, and replace the files when prompted.

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